House vs. Condo

House vs. Condo

Ever contemplated living in a condo? Want to know what the big deal is? Or are you a current condo dweller thinking about making the big switch? Well have no fear! We took the time to develop a pro and con list for both!



• You have access to amenities like pools, gyms and lounges

• You do not have to bear the burden of maintenance

• Often times more affordable than a single family home


• Although affordable, condos also have fees that are associated with it

• Because it is similar to living in an apartment, noise and privacy may be an issue

• After you’ve had you time of condo-living, it is harder to sell condos than houses



• The house is yours and you have free reign to do whatever you please to it

• By owning a home you are able to create and build equity, which is a great opportunity

• You have the ability to sell your home for more than you bought it for through appreciation


• The home is yours, meaning you have to pay for maintenance and repairs

• If the location is bad you still have to stay there

• Down payments and monthly payments can be extremely expensive

-Briauna Perryman

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